What Web Videos Are Your Target Market Already Watching?

Over the last few years web videos has allowed many local businesses like yours to grab a huge share of untapped Google traffic… 

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  • Over 12 Billion web videos are played on the internet each month
  • Web videos engage your viewers like no other medium possibly can
  • Web videos entice your visitors (ready to buy customers) to stay longer on your website or call your business
  • Web videos have usurpassed viral marketing potential

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Grab attention, gain trust with done-for-you credibility using web video marketing

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1) What is the production process involved in making my webvideo?

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning the technical processes are very boring.

However, for you its quick, easy and painless…lots of fun. You don’t have to do much work at all, everything is done-for-you.

Here’s a simple run-down of the video production process, what’s involved for  most projects we do:

1.) We talk with you and ask various questions about what kind of marketing you already do and how effective it is, and if video helps your business get cost-effective results in sales and revenue.

2.) We’ll contact you typically no more than three business days with full details of your project which breaks down information into hourly rates so you know how many hours will be involved.

The rate card shows exactly what’s managed by us and what you’re getting for your investment!

3.) Now before you tell us you’re happy with the agreed project, we’ll send you an invoice which is the full investment for your video production payable via PayPal.com

We’ll write several scripts for you to try and beat and approve as well. We want impactful messages tightly focused around your products or services based on what you’ve told us you’d like to see.

At this point it’s all a challenge so we continue to manage, develop ideas, set-up and get your video ready for production.

4.) We work hard doing our jobs and won’t disrupt your usual business activities in the slightest.

5.) Once we’re done with production, it’s time to edit the video. Most of our clients want their videos embedded on their website or YouTube (there are many hosting options as well for video).

Again, it makes us work harder and as soon as we’re done, we will send you a private YouTube link where you can watch the completed video. If you want minor revisions, we’ll do some changes FREE.

6.) As soon as you’re confident with your video we’ll send you embedding code to put the video live on your site and streaming within 5 minutes or less (it’s a very easy copy & paste process).

The embedding code we supply from YouTube is much better because the video player is branded in the colours of your business and website, making it feel like it really belongs there.

We can set video to auto-play so anyone going to your website page sees video playing immediately.

You also get a copy of the video as an MP4 video file, so you can upload wherever you like beyond YouTube: Viddler, Yell.com, BT’s commercial directory site, your businesses Facebook Page, etc.

2) How much work will I have to do to make this video? Will my business be disrupted in any way?

Goodness gracious no. We’re not going to suddenly throw a lot of extra work your way. While some clients want total control, in our experience most don’t have time or inclination to get involved at all.

We do our best to spend a little bit of time with you in the initial process discussing what you want to get out of your videos.

When we get into production mode we’re under pressure to work hard and discreet. That way you keep coming back using our services because you know you’ll be winning every time.

3) How long does it take you to make a webvideo?

A careful webvideo project takes about 4 hours. We can do the whole video within 48 hours.  Some projects take longer depending on what’s involved.

We can guarantee you’ll never be waiting for us!

4) What if my budget doesn’t extend to a ‘typical’ webvideo?

Makes sense to us yet we only produce high-quality done-for-you web videos and refuse to offer low grade quality in order to cut corners.

We believe the investment is especially within every budget. For example, most videos only use images and require no actual filming or intensive pre-production.

We think carefully about cost-effective high-quality videos. This means a 30 second videos for as little as $147. If you want high-end films the cost goes up substantially to multiple thousands.

5) Can I have whatever music I like on my video?

It’s your choice, as long as we can secure the rights. A commercial song or jingle can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars or more (assuming you’re allowed to use it your webvideo).

We can use use commercial library music for your web video projects with yearly costs between $400-$800 or go the less challenged route which is to simply use high-quality royalty-free music.

6) Can I make changes to my video and how much would that cost me?

We allow for only three minor changes at no extra charge and this includes re-editing as long as it does not alter or change the structural integrity of the video we have agreed to make for you.

If you want additional words or extra video length meaning a significant change, you would be charged at our standard low hourly rate so it doesn’t mean any major changes would be expensive.

7) What if I want you to some additional effects and highlights?

We’ll work on how much extra production and editing time is required, and politely ask to charge your credit card at hourly rates. It’s open and honest system knowing what to pay before we do extra work.

8) What about copyright, who owns the video that you produce for my business?

You own the rights to use your videos however many times you like and upload all over the web in order to promote your business in anyway you want, (the possibilities are endless)!

9) How do I get my video on my website? What hosting options are there?

Most clients upload videos on YouTube, we supply the embedding code.

We’ll can set the YouTube player colour to suit branding of your business and website, so it looks like it belongs there.

And we can even add a bit of code in the embedding line that make the video ‘auto play’ whenever anyone comes across it on your site ensuring most people who go on your site will watch it.

The embedding code is basically a line of code that you (or your website designer) need to copy and paste into the relevant part of the right page of your website. And that’s it!

In our experience almost no web designers charge to do this for you, after all, it’s normally just 30 seconds job for them.

Note: Using YouTube video has many benefits. For example video appear on the search engines of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., which can raise credibility of your business dramatically.

If you don’t want a YouTube video or want more options for your websites video, remember we supply you with a copy of the video as a file to do with as you please.

We can also encode the video into a flash video and host it for you if you want. We offer cost-effective rates on super-fast hosting from some of the most powerful web servers on earth!

Drop us an email if you have any questions about either hosting or delivery of your web video.

10) What else can I do with my video, aside from embedding it onto my website?

We always supply you with a digital download version of the web video and because you own the rights you can do unlimited promotions with the video to expand the reach and opportunities people will see it.

If you download the video it can be played on any standard PC, so think about it in terms of how it opens doors for video at your stall during trade expos or point of entry in your place of business.

The video file could be used with a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.

You can upload video files to Yell.com, (customers promoting videos on Yell.com are 4 times more likely to get customers than a competitor who doesn’t).

You can consider promoting your business on LinkedIn, Facebook pages,Viddler, BT’s online business directory. Your videos can promote your business 24/7 to help you stand out of the crowd!

11) What separates Sales Lead Generation from the other promotional video businesses?

We’re a no thrills lead generation business and that’s why every web video we produce is for sales lead generation and a marketing tool for you unique needs.

We’re business owners, marketers, lead generation experts and an online marketing company representing the needs of small businesses as well as corporate.

Most of  the competition in webvideo market don’t take time to understand your unique business so they produce videos which often fail to get results and grab the attention of your target market.

We know you don’t want to be locked into complex contracts that won’t hardly deliver any results in terms of ready to buy leads, boosting sales and increasing the bottom-line profits you want, right?

Are we special? What matters most to your business? Award winning videos or an extra million in profits?

You see results because we ask the right questions. It means you’re smart because interested people see your products or services, they take action.

Your phone rings or they come to your business. Now they know how special you really are, but no. It never happened. Why?

Becuase the reason was simple. Our competition had a mandate to only deal with a particular agency, (it’s like pulling teeth and a bit stupid)!

That’s why we produce cost-effective videos usually considered very costly ‘extras’ by most of our competitors because you get measurable results you want included with us without the extra charges.

We also believe every video we make is a hugely sensible investment in your business right now and a powerful investment in strengthening our ongoing business relationship.

Yes, god alone knows we’re all about helping you, not just us so you won’t see our logos or branding on your videos.
We specialise in lead generation web videos for businesses large or small. If other people ask you who made your videos, we trust your experience was rewarding and worthwhile to tell them about us.

We’d love to hear from you today! Feel free to ask questions, we’ll always encourage your comments with valued feedback.

If you’d like to talk about smarter ways of selling your products or servicers with profitable web videos for your business, please send us an email or call.

Here’s to your continued success,

John Mignano


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