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You want simple, effective, versatile solutions…

Video marketing has never been so easy before because you can start your web video campaigns with done-for-you high quality web videos!
Webmercial allows you to use rich media video for the web.
Internet video marketing helps you focus on reaching, connecting, marketing and advertising in much more cost-effective ways.
Webmercials can be effectively used for products and services!

Webmercials are basically commercials based around 30 seconds up to two minutes in length used for advertising your business: 
  • You might be thinking what is web video or to be more specific video marketing designed to do? Well, video allows you to focus on a solution to your problems…
  • You want to get traffic quickly to your website or business which gives your company or small business cost-effective advertising with greater leverage.
Step 1: Simple

Our web video service allows you to automate marketing campaigns for your business to get results by using simple, yet powerful Fortune 500 marketing techniques to tap into targeted streams of online traffic…


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Sales impact of video content of up to 300% increases in inquiries and sales using online videos to support the sales process.


Step 2: Effective

Please carefully study graph and compare three of the top search engines to see endless possibilities of web video for your business:

  • Google.com – 145,690,239  – unique visitors per month (blue line)
  • Yahoo.com – 134,464,129  –  unique visitors per month  (green line)
  • Bing.com – 76,795,905  – unique visitors per month  (orange line)

Step 3: Versatile

What if you combine all three search engines traffic volumes? What if web video can be easily and affordability set-up for almost any aspect of your marketing?

How quickly do you want to tap into this vast resource of approximately 250,000,000 unique visitors that are already going to these top three sites every month!

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Get laser targeted, high quality traffic with video marketing

On a simple level think about when you go into a shop!

If you see the queue and realize you have a long wait for any service you’re probably going to leave thinking you’ll pop in on the way back…

Of course that rarely happens and its exactly the same when consumers visit your website. If they cant see what they want in the first few moments they can easily get distracted and leave never to return!

Consumers need the “human touch” and that’s is simple as it gets. Video adds  personality to your website and that dramatically helps you make money!

The reason online videos works for business is in two ways:

  1. Get more high quality leads via search engines (search traffic = buyers)
  2. Increase leads, improved conversion rates (people take action = sales)


Website video production if done correctly is more focused, more compelling, more immediate and much more targeted than any other traditional media…

These days we’re all too busy to spend unnecessary time searching the phone directory pages for information.

Web video production presents your key message in less time ( as little as 30 seconds), saving your visitors precious time.

It stands to reason video gets better results because it’s short, sharply focused and simple for someone interested and ready-to-buy to take action.

The products and services for professional website video productions are wide and varied.

We have compiled a collection to give you further insight into the cost effective uses with viewing times and highlight examples:



We do use video at SalesLead-Generation.com because we understand your needs.

You want your promotional online video productions to fit perfectly with your current website look and feel.

We’ll help ensure your online video production is seamlessly integrated into your current website platform or Youtube Channel.

What video and to be specific video marketing is designed to do is give your business leverage…
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