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Why add the instant power of rich media with magnificent cost-effective video content or webmercials to your website?

John Mignano

Online video is a more focused approach in building lasting awareness with strategic marketing alongside your brand.

Video might include video commercials or webmercials for promoting your products or services, etc…

Webmercials are the types of marketing tools that increase in value as time goes on, providing recurring revenue for the future, and have a residual value if you want to sell them…

And online videos are a more cost effective way to deliver your messages.

To easiest way to demonstrate why video almost completely dominates the Internet, please watch video commercial below:

Video is where you can actually connect, see and hear on your screen…

Video’s visual interactive and sound impact allows webmercials to connect you immediately capturing the focus of your visitor’s attention.

The proactive nature of video insures your visitors get information they’re actively seeking and wanting.

Yes, webmercials are the most targeted way to connect with your visitors on a true, emotional level with proven benefits…

Information delivered via video is proven to be as effective as face to face communications.

Users exposed to compelling video stay longer while retaining up to four times more information.

It all adds up to ready to buy customers, and purchases that come 70% faster than without video.

That means versatile marketing tools for your needs…with rich media and web 2.0 combined use of motion and sound, webmercials help in many of your communications.

You can deliver key messages you need to communicate the second your visitors arrives. Got dynamic content you need to bring attention to?

What if you want to demonstrate a complex concept faster with more clarity?

Is there a special event or specific message you want to show or share with each of your web visitors in person?

Looking to save time for a message you consistently repeat? Why not use webmercials for each of these situations and much more?

Adding video to your website is simple and hassle free with our “done-for-you” video production.

Since we specialize in producing customized video specifically for the web, with each step of the process you get the most “bang for your buck”.

No need to worry about all the technical and production details because the video revolution is here now!

Companies spend over 3.1B dollars using video as part of their web strategy in 2010. Do you want the competitive advantage?

Personalized Web Video Service with Professional Rich Media Video Production For Business.

Time and time again businesses are using our web videos for all kinds of results driven advertising. Why choose our web video services?

Because with every click of a mouse you can benefit from more new leads, more sales boosting results with direct response marketing at your fingertips.

This is why you need a professional and responsive web video production company that’s both a team player and cost effective at delivering high-end video productions for your investments…

We produce the video itself and can provide you with a custom flash based video player, additional graphics, feedback forms, redirect links, plus social media sharing with contact forms and more.

That’s why web video is made easy to embed into the video production.

Web Video Set-up:

* Professionally written script – this is created in conjunction with yourself and our experienced scriptwriter.

* Storyboard – which will show the graphics/words that will accompany the presenter throughout the script.

* Professional Presenters – we have a variety of male and female presenters to choose from.

Design & Graphics:

* Web Video Player – designed to seamlessley fit exactly into an agreed space on your website or your Youtube Channel.

* Interactivity & Web Forms – so people can quickly respond to a video with an email, forward to friends, bookmark the page, post link to Facebook, Twitter and many otherĀ  social networks….

Filming & Editing:

* Filming, Editing, & Post-Production – you’ll see final version of video prior to embedding (we do any changes, edit words or graphics before going live).

* Implementation – In most instances our web video production team merely cuts & pastes a few lines of HTML into the pre-agreed space on your website.

Tracking & Analysis:

* Viewer Behavior Tracking & Analysis – Our video analytic technology gives improved understanding of when, where and how often videos are watched.

You can track clicks, compare fall off rates, measureĀ  impact of video and marketing campaigns, gather competitive intelligence, ( share data with sales team and colleagues).

* Action Tracking – similarly to above, we can track all the actions that take place within video campaigns, pauses, sound adjustments, rewinds and so on.

* Building Contact Databases – all the above data can be put together to show contact details and all other behaviours within the video production.

Do you want to find out more about how webmercials can work for you?

How to get the true power of webmercials on your website!

Click here and we’ll help you get started making more money with direct response marketing and focused messages using webmercials today!

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