Video For Business Works!

The sales clincher – video for business works!

John Mignano

Go ahead, kick our tires. Why? Because online video for business works and the headline is perfect for testing!

Okay, maybe it’s a short punchy headline with four words.

Four isn’t some kind of  magic number…depending on who you talk to some say longer video are better than shorter.

Video Story Telling => Better Conversion Rates

You might cringe a little but maybe that’s the secret? These are counter intuitive so you’ll want to test it for yourself to confirm results:)

The video format I’m going to show you here gives you almost immediate, measurable results guaranteed!

According to our field tests, shorter videos actually tends to convert even more effectively than longer videos…

We’ve  tested this and 30-50 seconds seems to be the sweet spot online.

As you can see from our web video we offer high quality, high impact yet cost effective video tools to help you successfully market your business on the web to increase response rates and boost sales…

Yes, I’m willing to accept maybe it’s all a fluke since we’ve only been tracking video length since 2007 on no less than 30 different markets so far.

No wonder most businesses are confused by all the services beating down their door for SEO, PPC, websites, directories, autoresponders, etc…

Most talk about theory or features of search and advertising. Ironically, it’s hard to find robust plans to take your marketing campaigns to the next level before your competitors do!

What if you’re generating new leads or sales through effective targeting and messaging?

Web video is all about communicating fast and clearly. It adds value, saves time and makes money. It’s cost-effective for small business wanting to discover how to improve their results without taking huge risks.

More importantly why you want to use specific videos, who you need to be targeting with your web videos and how to get inside the mind of your customers for maximum impact and profitability.

The Power Of Web Video and Facts You Simply Can’t Ignore

Attention is worth money that’s why Google bought out You Tube for almost $2 BILLION – they know whats grabbing peoples attention.

Theres money to be made, so why does your company need cutting edge tools for a profitable boost to your business:

  • Web video is ranked #3 in a list of top ten most influential marketing mediums (ref: Deloitte LLP)
  • 2008 – 2009 web video views increased by 70%
  • U.S based interent users who watch web video content is 84%
  • On average eleven hours per month is spent watching web video 
  • Average conversion rates of websites using video content vs. text-only websites increased by 12%
  • Cost-effective video marketing for business has never been easier…

If you’re like me, you understand as a business owner you relate better to fixed advertising costs that generates leads, that’s why I’m using the online video model with continued success.

Perhaps you feel it makes sense for video marketing to do a mixture of methods in building-up over time to drive more ready-to-buy consumers to your website or local business…

See how our web video services works for yourself. Want to get a FREE sample video…it’s the most cost-effective way to communicate!

If you’re a small business looking to enhance your customer relations you know being able to see your products or services in a video within a private, secure and convenient platform is beyond price tags.

Compelling and engaging web video is a highly effective sales tool for your business, it reaches and makes that all important connection with your new leads and ready to buy consumers.

Theres really no better way to grab your audience than with web video…no question.

Imagine, pursuasive web marketing videos, accelerating your business and skyrocketing your profits with immediate results and you can have all this right now for much less than you think!

Video marketing has become an absolute neccessity to stay in business…a forward thinking business that seizes this opportunity can make money and expand their cash flow.

Stimulate and engage your audience with video and discover for yourself the real magic of web video and why it can work for your business too!