Web Video The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan?

Does your lead generation plan fit tightly into the overall web video marketing ideas in order to generate ready to buy leads?

John Mignano

Why is it five to 10 times more expensive to generate new customers versus nurturing existing ones?

You need a proven strategy to help you succeed…

Today’s Internet savvy and sophisicated customers want visuals with communication.

You need new powerful dynamic ways using different mediums to deliver your messages…

You need strategies for branding your business which is more involved than recording a video to make a lasting impression…

How to get a spectacular impact on your potential customers visiting your website. You need to reach out, grab their attention and connect fast. Why?

Because on average conversion rates are below 1%…it’s actually difficult to make sales or gain a raving consumer’s business from the Internet.

The Internet is an amazing and interactive in many ways, this makes it much easier for people to quickly close their web browser and move on to another website. Gone like the wind.

In reality with face-to-face conversation people just wouldn’t walk away from a person talking to them…

Therefore, you need to really understand the mind set and problems to connect on an emotional level to offer a solution.

Yes, grab their attention and keep them engaged from closing their web browser and moving on.

Now, the web video formats you choose to use needs to be able to quickly position your web video content to address consumer’s specific problems with their communication style.

At the same time it get complex…it must all fit within your advertising budgets for increasing business exposure as well as matching products or services to attract leads and get sales results!

Knowing which one to go with can sometimes prove a little difficult, right?

A breakdown of web video sizes also help you in deciding which one is right for your targeted audience devices taking into consideration your market.

In other words how to add a personal touch to your website using web video to greet and or inform your visitors.

What web video does is allows you to deliver your message 24/7 – 365 days with automated video marketing.

Web video makes your site interactive and more personal for your visitors.

The message you choose can be targeted to your sales lead generation goals or specific products you want your visitors to know about while they’re exploring on your website.

It’s the ultimate sales lead generation plan with web video to get fresh ready to buy sales leads and grab people’s attention using a customized web video for business.

Web Video Editing

Once you have created your web video, you need to edit the video to create truly unique videos…why?

Because countless sites on the internet are also using web videos to grab the attention of their visitors…

That means tons of competition and the downfall is when visitors see similar “cookie cutter” videos on every site they simply stop watching.

You need to create a web video that’s strategically different by providing content and keeping visitors interested watching your products or services and taking action.

Web Video Services

What if you’re a non-techie without the specialised skills or experience?

What if you’re just too busy running your own business and simply don’t have time…video production resources or video editing equipment?

Perhaps you’re just not inclined to create your own web video for your business?

What if you can’t write a catchy headline that solves a problem related to your product or service?

The solution…you can pay for someone else to create web videos for you.

What if you’ve got the money to spend getting another company creating your web videos?

There are countless web video services are on the internet and it can be a good option for you…

One such company – SalesLead-Generation.com offers you a strategic customized web video service with done-for-you web videos starting at the creation all the way to post production services.

SalesLead-Generation.com can help save your time and money making it easier for you no matter what stage of marketing.

Need help with your web video ideas?

Let’s face it copywriting and advertising is both an art and science.

SalesLead-Generation.com helps with the most advanced script writing to specifically match your target audience for web video marketing projects.

What type of web video do you need to get bottom-line results and how much will it cost?

Let’s put this in perspective. If you were to hire me to set-up and optimize your web video advertising campaign it would cost you $5,000 plus a 10%percentage of your ad spend.

This is common practice among any advertising campaign management company. They all charge a set-up fee plus a percentage and it isn’t cheap.

And you aren’t guaranteed to get leads or sales just like in the Yellow Pages.

So to break down the value…

Whether it’s a product, service or video commercial the investment for this magnificent web video service is only $147.00, which is cost-effective in value with measurable benefits for boosting sales and increasing profits.

In addition, you don’t need any technical ability, skills or previous experience in the design and set-up of web video…it’s all done-for-you.

The key right now is for you to decide if you need a constant stream of fresh ready to buy leads to get your phone ringing?