Psychology Persuasion or Copywriting?

Buy sellwhy is psychology of persuasion and copywriting essential to all marketers including internet marketers?

John Mignano

Words that sell, power persuasion and influence persuasion , it is all part of the marketing copywriter’s toolkit, (science, art and psychology)…

As an internet marketer, you must get someone to buy & sell, right?

Hmm…you sell or you learn selling tips of copywriting.

The covert under the radar “buy sell” tricks of the advertising copywriter trade or outsource to copywriting services?

A professional copywriter can charge thousands of dollars for doing a one-page sales letter. So it’s up to you to learn and refine those skills.

The most common formula for writing copy for a sales letter or a classified ad is called the “A.I.D.A” formula.

AIDA is an acronym for a step-by-step social psychology process which goes like this:


You must first grab the reader’s attention.

This is usually done by means of a compelling headline: “Discover How A Homeless Man Went From Sleeping Under A Cardboard Box To Making $50,000 Dollars A Month!”.


This is where you sell the customer on the BENEFITS – NOT The Features.

You must answer the customer’s unspoken question, “What’s in it for me?”.

Even though most people will not even admit it to themselves, more-often-than-not, they buy from EMOTION and not from logic.

When a person buys a new car, actually, they are buying the emotions and results from feeling that they will get by owning that car.

Just tale a closer look at a car commercial.

Those advertisers are masters at selling the “sizzle”.

You see the guy get into his new Lexus, followed by a great looking babe who gets into the car with him, and as he drives off, the people on the street are all looking at him with envy and admiration.

Summary: Sell the sizzle (benefits) and not the steak (features).

(“Your friends will be kicking themselves in the but when they see how much money you are raking in with my new profit-pulling system”).


This is often achieved through urgency or scarcity.

(“Only 100 Copies of This System Will Be Sold And Then The Doors Be Closed Forever” . . . or

“Order By Midnight And Save 50% Off The Retail Price – Tommorow, It Will Go Back Up To $300″).


Often coined as “The Call-To-Action”.

This step is often overlooked by marketers. Why? Because they are too timid or feel that the customer may be offended if they are asked to “Buy Now!” . . . or “Click Here To Claim Your Copy”.

Actually studies have shown that customers want to be told what to do next. (“Click Here To Place Your Order”, etc).

It is your job to clearly tell them to click on the Order Button.

Here’s a simple way of distilling the above formula:

1) “Tell them what you have”.

2) “Tell them what it will do for them”. (Sell the “sizzle”)

3) “Tell them what you want them to do next”. (“Click Here To Order Your Copy”).

So Remember: Sell the “sizzle” – not the steak!

You’re not trying to sell a product, so don’t sell them the product. Instead, sell them the feeling that they will get from owning that product.

One last tip: The next time you are watching TV, instead of running to the kitchen for another bag of Dorito’s when a commercial comes on…study the commercial from a copywriting/sales persuasion point-of-view.

See what their “USP” (Unique Selling Proposition) or what I call the unique selling psychology is?

Ask yourself, “What are they doing that is making their product so appealing?”

Notice some of techniques they are using. “Social Proof” (Customer Testimonials), Urgency, Scarcity, etc.

Take notes to further crystallize and grow so you can understand the unique selling psychology and “model” some of their techniques…

Apply what works to your own sales campaigns.

Essentially, what you will be doing is learning from Multi-Million-Dollar
Copywriters who are the best in the business. And it won’t cost you a dime!

Anyway, that is a Quick Copywriting Crash Course…

Of course there are lots of other aspects of copywriting to help you become even more effective in achieving your goals. Time to take action..

Hopefully this helps move you forward along those lines, and increase your sales effectiveness. Best of Luck to ALL of You, thanks for reading.