Lead Generation Blueprint?

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Here Are Simple Done-For-You Steps to Your Own Winning Lead Generation Blueprint

Lead generation is generally generated through search engines, direct mail, email or telephone.

Leads can be generated for a variety of purposes – new leads, list building,  list acquisition or for winning back customers...

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Well, a few months back we received a compelling direct mail from a company wanting us to attend a seminar.

It was sent priority mail to every employee at SalesLead-Generation.com

Each mail box included: 16-ounce Coke, huge bag of popcorn with ticket invitation to attend a seminar…

This mailer was also followed-up by multiple reminders, however we didn’t attend the event…later on received a “we missed you” mailer shortly after.

Overall the marketing was masterfully executed and delivered…

And a complete waste of money! Why?

Why? As we all know, it is very difficult to stand out from competitors and breakthrough the noise.

Now because this campaign has unfortunately, not qualified us as suitable prospects, they most likely got our names from a mailing list.

Perhaps they carefully considered we were good suspects for their effort.

In reality, we were not suitable prospects for such an expensive mailer.

Though the campaign got our attention because obviously a lot of money was spent….on prospects that were not candidates for their products.

Imagine how many more advertising they could have afforded if they had limited the effort to better targeted prospects.

That is where the power of video marketing using a proven lead generation blueprint comes into play. Allow me to explain…

Did they follow marketing strategies  which outlines:

  • market research
  • defines target market
  • brand positioning
  • product or service
  • definition of messaging
  • competitive analysis

Do you effectively use a 12-month marketing strategy with budget plan?

Lead generation to be cost-effective focuses on only one of the significant roles in the overall marketing plan…

Yes, that’s why it is called lead generation!

Here are five critical steps to a winning lead generation process:

First, your Lead Generation strategy must include three key elements

  1. Variety
  2. Frequency
  3. Consistency

Evaluate your lead generation strategy to be sure you’re touching the exact same group of people.

You want to do this in a variety of different mediums at least 3 times  at a frequency that will make an impact, with consistent messaging.

These three elements are essential to reaching and converting your target market in the most cost-effective way:

Focus – As you decide which vehicles to implement, keep a tightly defined target market top of mind.

Select activities that touch and speak directly with your most qualified prospects.

In a world where we are constrained by limited budgets and plagued by over stimulation, we succeed by spending the majority of our resources in a targeted focused way.

Most businesses simply can not afford to reach the entire target market at the frequency required to build momentum.

The true magic in target marketing comes from defining your market to be large enough to meet your goals, yet small enough you can afford to reach them effectively.

A very important aspect of a winning strategy is the need to understand your prospects before you register them into your lead generation engine.

It seems obvious, but as we see from our introduction’s example, a lot of very talented marketers don’t build this step into their plan.

Define your lead checklist to know what makes a “qualified” lead for your organization (be specific) and use it as your first line of engagement to ensure you concentrate most of your efforts on the best prospects.

Once you’ve decided on your strategy, focus, and lead criteria make sure to include return on investment (ROI) you expect.

How many impressions does your campaign generate?

How many leads are expected?

What is your conversion rate for sales, etc?

We recommend projecting ROI with both aggressive and conservative estimates and tracking your actuals as your plan goes into implementation.

This requires disciplined tracking of “How Did You Hear About Us” at every level of execution—landing pages, customer service, sales inquiries, etc.

The final, and possibly most powerful step to a winning Lead Generation Blueprint includes integration.

Knowing the different integration points between this plan and your sales team’s activities.

Create a workflow in your blueprint that illustrates the integration points throughout the plan where your sales force needs to be plugged in.

By formalizing this process and sharing it with the sales team, you will guarantee their participation and support.

There are many different options for generating leads, and it’s very easy to get swept up in the excitement of all the possibilities.

By systematizing  your lead generation using the 5 steps above…

You can deliver the results wanted by sales, marketing executives and business leaders with limited budgets!

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There are many different kinds of leads such as debt, loan modification, tax, bankruptcy, education, insurance and mortgage leads…