Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing – why facebook, twitter and linkedin? What specific results do you want from social media in terms of marketing, social networks, social networking for your company or business?

Social media marketing and cutting edge technology, google, media marketing…are you looking for greater effeciency and opportunities for bigger success? In fact, want to do some employee research?

Social media marketing – if you’re like most savvy business owners you certainly want to take advantage. In other words, do less work and spend less time on various tasks to leverage results with higher profits, right?

Social media marketing – can your business benefit from using social media? For better results click play button to watch video…

Social Media Marketing

  • Higher Visibility, Credibility and Traction Online
  • Local, National, International Audience of Thousands Who Are Interested Penetration of Your Chosen Market(s) in Social Media
  • Priority Positioning Ahead of Your Competition
  • Increase in the Number of Quality Referrals and Calls
  • Increase in Quality Leads and Traffic to Your Online Point of Sale
  • Enhanced Customer Service/Engagement with Audience/Fans
  • Development of Key Relationships Business on Influential Levels
  • Invitations for Speaking Engagements, Seminars and Endorsements
  • Valuable Employee Research and Online Public Relations

    social media marketing

    Social Media Marketing - Emphatic listening to customers, engaging and interacting

Social Media Marketing Connecting via Facebook:

  • 70% of local businesses use Facebook for marketing
  • More than 750 million active users
  • People “Like” their favorite brands
  • Allows you to create a friendly introduction
  • Average user spends 23 minutes on each visit
  • 71.2% of the US Web Audience is on Facebook

Social Media Marketing entering the conversion via Twitter:

  • 42% use Twitter to learn about products and services
  • 67% of brand followers purchase specific brand
  • Over 106 million Twitter accounts
  • Receives over 180 million unique visits per month
  • 300,000 new accounts per day
  • 65% of Global Fortune 100 companies use Twitter                   

    social media marketing

    Social Media Marketing - The buyers generation

Social Media Marketing Leveraging LinkedIn:

  • The world’s largest professional network
  • Fortune 500 Company Executive can be found using LinkedIn   
  • 83,333 new members every day      
  • More than 2 million company pages
  • Reach 120+ million members
  • 68% of users are over the age of 35

Social Media Marketing