Why Local Search Results?

Why Get Found In Local Marketing and Search Placing?

John Mignano

Want your business to do more, have more, reach farther and achieve a lot more financial and business success…

Does search engine marketing, SEM have any relevance to your strategic positioning?

How much money are you spending on lead generation?

What is your lead generation strategy and how many leads generated?

Only your most recent numbers (net) amount counts in your bank account.

Now, what are the latest statistics and ROI in regards to your marketing and advertising? Got a second…

There are three types of business people in this world:

1. People who are making it happen…
2. People who watch it happen…
3. People who constantly keep reacting…

Let’s take a closer look at the facts and figures of daily local business in this economy:

1. Between 85% – 96% of all local customers research a business online before contacting or buying from them

2. Print Circulation is down 7 million in the last 25 years, while in the last 5 years online news publication is up 30 million

3. This year traditional media advertising is down by the following numbers

  • Newspaper: 18.7%
  • Television: 10.1%
  • Radio: 11.7%
  • Magazine: 14.8%

However, online advertising is up by 9.2% and mobile advertising by 18.1%

4. Bloomberg reports that online advertising spending has surpassed print advertising this year.

For the first time Print advertising will only comprise of 30% of advertising budgets, while digital advertising will make up 33%.

That means $119.6 Billion will be spent online, vs. $111.5 Billion will be spent on print.

5. All online advertising is trackable and targeted – that way you know if it is working in terms of results, and is it effective or not…

Whereas with offline ads, the advertising generally is broadly targeted, not trackable, and more expensive!

6. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Myspace – in that order, have been found to be very effective marketing tools by businesses this year.

In fact Dell released figures stating that they have made an extra $3 Million since 2007 just from twitter posts.

7. According to Outsells online marketing study, of current marketing tools, websites generate the highest ROI followed by conferences and exhibitions.

8. Finally, cross-media marketing efforts (e.g. combining offline and online advertising) have been found to be the most effective.

78% of businesses combine two or three marketing methods to maximize effectiveness.

How does your websites sales and business stack -up?

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