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Let’s Look Closer At What Makes a Lead Generation Complex Sale and What Men & Women Don’t Like to Hear About Themselves?

John Mignano

Here’s a mind shift challenge for you.

Do you believe lead generation marketing is about men or women and who they are?

Allow me to explain…

Men and women have underlining desires to be congruent with who they really are.

Rookie marketers talk about the mechanics, ie, features and benefits, right?

Later on they learn to focus more on benefits, or the benefits of the benefits!

When dealing with either men or women, you want to always avoid “comparison praise”…Why?

Because this is a “top level” lead generation strategy to get your business to a whole new level of exponential gains across all your marketing channels.

Do you want to be generating leads and possible sales?

Great! So far…so good.

Yes, this is a game changer for online marketing, PPC, adwords, sales, email marketing, media buying, direct mail, video marketing, etc…

Now I’d like to share two lists with you.

One list applies to men, the other to women.

These are facts that men and women do not enjoy hearing about themselves, so avoid making statements along these lines at all cost!

No man likes to hear the following about himself:

1. That his language is poor

2. That he is getting older

3. That he lacks nerve/backbone

4. That he isn’t good with women

5. That he doesn’t manage his money well

6. That he appears like a wimp

7. That his memory is poor

8. That he isn’t intelligent

9. That he is short

10. That he can’t take a joke

What no woman likes to hear about herself:

1. Any physical imperfections

2. That she looks good “for her age”

3. That her hair is turning gray

4. That she looks “just like” another woman you know

5. Never ask if she has been married before

6. That she is gaining weight

7. Never act like you take it for granted that she has a job

Iif she says she works, tell her how you’re amazed she can look so good and work at the same time…

8. Never mention her age – period

9. Never ask if she has children.

You want to make her think you believe she looks like a young woman that has led an easy life.

10. Never ask how big her feet are…

Everyone wants to be unique, so comparing them to someone else is a losing move.

Even if you compare them to a celebrity they still may take offense.

Remember all comparisons between people are risking at best!