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Leads or Ready To Buy Customers Now Available with Risk-Free Web Video Advertising Traffic Loophole!

John Mignano

Why online video advertising for promotions?

Instantly increase your reach to a larger audience, either more local or national customers, now you can do it too.

Get ready to leverage cost-effective ways of advertising your business by standing out from your competitors…

Why spending lots of money is not enough when it comes to gaining your customer’s attention?

Competition for your customer’s attention has been a constant battle: Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Radio, TV…you get the picture:)

The front lines are online. As reported by MarketingSherpa on the spending for search advertisement alone in 2011 will break the $25 billion mark…

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Our unique web video ads drive quality traffic to your website or business.

How much money are your spending to speak to customers?

Imagine speaking to every visitor showing them exactly the products or services you offer and where they go to get it with a one click sale. 

Want to ensure your money spent doesn’t go to waste?

Quickly turbocharge online video advertsing to stand out from the rest of you competitors!

You can now have your own viral marketing spreading all over the Internet driving traffic and revenue via user driven targeted, personalized free viral distribution… 

How can you confidently leverage the full potential of your web video budget?

Contrary to popular belief the answer to these questions is simple…video advertising.

Now you can thanks to video commercial technology and web video advertising benefits:

  • Dramatically improve online credibility and web presence
  • Dynamic lead generation marketing tools that drives leads
    Cost-effective way to improve your marketing reach
  • Attract an ongoing ready to buy leads or potential customers
  • Grow your cutomer database to maximize your back-end sales
  • Increase traffic and make money by utilizing web videos
  • Immediate search engine listing using video keywords

Yes, personalized interactive messages though online video advertising by clearly targeting your audience increases profits.

The good news, if you can engage and improve communication just slightly, you already get a significant advantage over your competitors.

So, to help local businesses take advantage of this gold mine opportunity, here’s your last chance to see how to apply better communication specifically to your own video ads.

Register today for done-for-you video marketing gold mine. Website Commercials can be created and placed on your website for as little as $147 (no recurring fees) limited to 27 businesses.

You can now get your own web videos all over the Internet driving targeted traffic and revenue. 

You decide what product or service you want to promote, what you’d like the announcer to say, length of the message, and we do the rest…it’s simple.

PLUS you’ll get to see live optimized video ads with case studies to help you set-up effective Google Places ads to drive in new business and boost sales.

If you own a business or website and don’t utilize video marketing tied into social media sharing right now you are leaving a ton of money on the table.

Is the timing right for you for tapping into this rare marketing opportunity?

Why? Because of the time and resources it takes to make quality videos, we’re only accepting 27 new web video clients over the next 14 days. 

We’ll work with those clients and complete their video advertising campaigns before we open up the window again for new clients. 

Act Now! To get your video ad considered for review, feel free to email it to us through the form below:

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P.S. Remember it’s worry free at only $147 you get value in saving yourself time and money which is more than paid for itself.