Sales and Marketing Automation – Customer Relationship Management

Sales and Marketing Automation

Sales and marketing automation is not complicated, there’s no software to install here, especially if you understand sales and marketing has two seperate components…

Sales and Marketing Automation Step 1: Get people to opt-in to your email or mailing list to express a tiny bit of interest in who you are and what you do by offering something of value for FREE.

Coupons can be customized and you can plug into your business, its really is the easiest option that’s the real simplicity and power of using coupons.

Sales and Marketing Automation Step 2: Once leads optin you send a series of automated email messages (autoresponder) which are designed to build trust and credibility.

This leads nuturing system and step by step process converts leads into paying customers because this is how people get to know your businesss and your circle of relationship (the coupon is the trigger and mechanism).

Sales and Marketing Automation

Sales and Marketing Automation using Coupon Redemption System

Once customers are in your circle and not before you can start selling why they should do business with you. Okay…you’ve probably have heard all this before right?

Sales and marketing automation is not about trying to sell people on doing business with you, which you do not have a business relationship. Basically selling without this strategy in place is cold selling…

You most likely don’t like being pushed or sold so you already know the rejection rate is huge and this is why it crushes most businesses. Here’s the million dollar question…are you still doing it?

The reality is there is a huge missing link between what you know you should be doing which really works and helps your business. The biggest hurdle is actually implementing the system right?

Sales and Marketing Automation Is Like Wash, Rinse and Repeat.

Utilising our sales and marketing automation helps you find a coupon that works, which makes you money…simply do it over and over again.

Now the trick is if you have multiple products or services, which you offer you want to select one item for the purposes of this marketing campaign because you attract new leads by tighltly focusing your marketing.

How would you like a simple yet incredibly powerful marketing platform, which helps drive sales results for profitable business growth.

Sales and marketing automation in one simple system, which can help turbocharge sales and marketing with no upfront costs.

Sales and marketing automation to jumpstart your results by automating key sales and marketing functions via customer relationship management.

Sales and marketing automation to generate more leads: A 2009 study by the Internet Advertising Bureau declared email marketing as one of the most effective channel available to businesses.

Your coupon campaign will live or die based on how you answer these questions:

  • What is the biggest problem this target market is facing?
  • What are the consequences if they don’t address the problem?
  • What are other options they might consider to solve this problem?
  • What is your solution?
  • What results do you get?

You also want to collect testimonials to use effectively with autoresponder as this add proof and power to your email Broadcast system. This enables you and your business to leverage the full benefits of email marketing…

Sales and marketing automation to generate more Sales: 80% of all leads are never followed up after the 2nd attempt and it takes 6-7 contacts to convert a prospect into a client/customer.

What could you achieve with a powerful automated follow-up system which provides a cost-effective solution for attracting and converting more qualified leads?

Sales and marketing automation to keep customers happy. Effective and relevant communication is the key to customer satisfaction and happy customers spend on average 67% more than new clients.

Sales and marketing automation means in simplicity means an automated customer relationship management (CRM) solution, which can be the key to improving your communication with your best customers.

Sales and marketing automation using our 3-in-1 solution ensures effective, clear, accurate and up-to-date  customer communication. Tons of people are jumping on the bandwagon, are you being left behind?

Sales and Marketing Automation