How Web Video Boost Sales Of Products Online

Product web videos are definitely a must-have in today’s competitive market!

John Mignano

Why? Because a lot of leading video-commerce experts talk about online video marketing…

More importantly how cost-effective web video is for their businesses.

Whos going to argue with Rico Nasol of Zappos, Gerry Johnson if HSN, Mike Sullivan from Hot Topic -Shockhound -Torrid and Jason Arend of PFI?

All these guys swear by using video for business works in increasing sales…

Zappos reported a positive sales impact of 6% to 30%, and unveiled plans to increase their product videos by 625% in 2010!

Zappos is currently using 8,000 product videos, which are all testimonies made in-house by their employees.

These web videos work great because they are personable telling a story about products which serves as a “personal recommendation”…

This is a powerful connection everyday consumers can relate to, right?

Zappos is the most ambitious video marketer online, but there are countless others who are discovering the advantage of online video marketing.

Online retailer of bedding, bath and window fashions – reported a dramatic 69% increase in sales for products featuring videos on the product page.

This was way back in December 2009, only two months after launching online video marketing.

They also found a 300% increase in conversion rates (making a purchase after watching a video) among those who viewed product videos.

This new evolving trend in online video marketing is changing the way e-commerce sites operate!

Everyone from Yellow Pages directories to large national brand companies are taking part in a marketing revolution that hasn’t even reached its tipping point.

CDC Yellow Book, the most popular “traditional” way of advertising your business up until now, jumped on board and started offering 30-second online video commercials in the summer of 2009.

The revolution has begun so it’s time for your business to join in and take advantage of competition-squashing online video marketing techniques!