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Business Facebook Page

Business Facebook page – the viral marketing business on facebook secret is out, you’ve most likely heard about new facebook strategies to catapult your business forward…

Business Facebook page so why do you need facebook custom pages to protect your facebook business profile using a customised Facebook landing page? Are you marketing on Facebook?

Business Facebook page – what are your specific ROI Goals with facebook ads? what’s your best performing facebook strategy because Facebook is the most powerful social media tools in USA and here in Australia…

Business Facebook page, in fact did you know Facebook marketing can be a very cost effective Facebook advertising and brand building tools for smart Australian businesses on Facebook.

Business facebook page – almost 10 million Australians are regular Facebook users…that means creating a custom business Facebook page for your business is a cost effective way to promote your products or services.

Business pages for Facebook service allows Australian companies to protect their brand on the popular social media platform and effectively drive brand awareness online.

For Australian businesses, being on Facebook now involves more than setting up a page – you need to consider protecting your Facebook identity and your brand by securing your own Facebook web address.

business facebook page

Business Facebook Page - customised business Facebook page increases awareness of your brand

What if you don’t want a business Facebook page? Your competitors may beat you to it and effectively start trading off the brand name you created.

Five reasons to promote your business Facebook page:

  • 10 million Australians are using Facebook in 2011
  • 62% of Australian Facebook users log in every single day
  • Average monthly time spent on Facebook in Australia 305 minutes per user
  • Leading brands (Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonalds) use Facebook marketing
  • Boost sales and business profile via Facebook ads, cost effective branding
  • 46% of online Australians actively click Facebook ‘Like’ buttons

A successfully designed business Facebook page can help your business:

  • Get found by more ready to buy customers
  • Connect and engage with current customers
  • Create a loyal community around your brand
  • Promote and expand reach of your products
  • Lead generation of targeted and quality leads

For most Australian companies all marketing material bears a distinct, uniform appearance, which differentiates your business from your competitors.  Your Facebook page allows you to stand out from the crowd, should be no different!

Facebook is viewed more often than any other website in Australia, so the image you present should be consistent with your branding strategy.

Your Facebook page design and layout should be customised to reflect your corporate colours, imagery and logo.

Business Facebook page helps you get the most from your facebook advertising and maximises your social networking impact. Your business Facebook page can be optimised by our Facebook page designs, which incorporates your branding.

If you optimise your business Facebook page you’ll also get a  comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of your business Facebook page.

Is your business Facebook page web address protected? Why secure your Facebook identity today?

Claiming your Facebook web address can help to protect your brand. If you want to secure your Facebook URL…pick up the phone and call, were’ here to help!

Your own customised business Facebook page maximises your lead generation with Facebook advertising results, helps you to connect and engage customers faster, boost sales and increases awareness of your brand cost effectively.

Business Facebook Page