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Living Social the #1 sales secret? Sales and selling has definitely changed. How to avoid unbelievably devastating and most costly mistakes by watching just one video!

Living Social webinar instructions: “I urge you to go and lock the door…take the phone off the hook and listen closely to every single word of this special presentation because it’s critical to your business success!”

Living Social video webinar contains real world case study, which may be shocking for some viewers. Very hot and urgent Insider’s information absolutely confidential designed for forward thinking businesses…

Living Social fine print ignored or just a mystery? Living Social can be brutual, it’s literally putting some participating businesses out of business. This is your invitation only reality check with proof.

There are no shortages of companies jumping on the bandwangon. They’re ready to run ads on Living Social. However there are huge “blind spots” in almost all these types of reward programs (including other daily deal websites).

 Living Social “blind spot” is ignored by most business owners. What if business is slow? What if the mindset of the ecomony is price driven? What if 36% of consumers change brand loyality over night?

Terrified of Living Social? Well, you’re not alone…what problem is your business facing today? What makes Living Social promotions profitable for businesses?

Quote: “It’s a great marketing tool, just not great with making profit.” – Small Business Owner

 Living Social is it delivering leads and cash flow you need? There are 3 reasons why companies which lack a structured sales system are almost sure to fail. Now think about your business, do you need a much better solution?

 Living Social are you about to…or have you recently run special offers, coupons, gift cards or loyalty cards? Wouldn’t it be smart to know who’s most likely to respond to campaigns before you spend all that money…

 Living Social is it fair? You and your employee’s time is valuable and expensive. Why waste more money on ineffective advertising? You need to get your customer’s attention without breaking the bank right?

 Living Social – due to some recent legals which you don’t need to know about, we’ve been forced into a limited release of this webinar.

Some business owners are saying when others hear about what’s been happening they’ll finally understand why they NEED serious training like this. Powerful, stunningly real world and made easy for local business.

It’s the ultimate business thriving toolkit for low and no-cost ways to win more paying customers with proven strategies which get new or existing customers in the door and keeps them coming back.

You can wait until you or your staff have had forty years of sales experience and can do this intuitively or you can on the fast track…take advantage now.

This is better than word of mouth advertising. You’ll see why this helps companies just like yours in generating more paying customers. The risk is completely on our shoulders, no need to pay a dime…

No need to spend another minute manually entering data attempting to track and monitor leads for your product or service cross-sells.

Get a done-for-you redemption system which gives you the same top-tier functionality similar to coupon shopping sites at a tiny fraction of the cost.

How to Connect With New and Existing Paying Customers

You can simplify by utilising sales lead generation hometown deals community program as this solution help us to eliminate your wasted advertising in your neighborhood.

This customer relationship management system helps to track and monitor leads automatically based on what customers have proven to be the best recommendations for each product or service you offer.

Are you making significant amounts of money with your Living Social promotions? You’ll save valuable time and money while utilising our performance based system for better results:

  • Improve average order value by 20-50%
  • Increase results, eliminate wasted money on ineffective ads 
  • Eliminate the need to manually add up-sells or cross-sell
  • Keep customers or clients buying, coming back, loyal and active
  • Convert more first-time shoppers to long-time customers

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Living Social