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Twitter for Business

Twitter for business, as a small business if you aren’t using Twitter to promote your business…why? You want to think as Twitter like a virtual water cooler for your marketing.

Twitter for business – imagine you are standing next to the water cooler chatting with your co-workers and a stranger walked up and started talking about your products, services and business.

Twitter for business imagine not too soon after everyone joins the conversion and starts talking about you spreading the word…

twitter for business

Twitter for Business - Are you marketing on twitter?

Twitter for business – you don’t have to be an avid Twitter user or spend countless hours on tweeting to create your own buzz. There are simple marketing tools to help you, which I’ll explain in a minute…

Twitter for business let’s take a closer look at a couple reasons why you, as a small business owner want to utilise Twitter. Check it out…discover how to get people talking about your products or services watch this video!

There are hundreds of channels you can be driving customers, new leads and prospects directly to your website. Posting in Twitter is only one way. 

Twitter for business – the first most obvious reason is to post information about who you are and your business. You can instantly share news with your customers and prospects about your product or service, an upcoming event they may be interested in or a special deal you may be offering.
You can use Twitter as your channel for listening to and finding out exactly what your customers or clients are looking for. For example, find out what they like or dislike about your company to improve customer service.

Twitter for business – how do customers feel about your brand and what suggestions can they give you for improvement. By communicating better, connecting and engaging you can make your business more successful.
Twitter for Business – use Twitter as a faster way to meet and talk with tons of people, some you’d never have a chance to speak with otherwise. Some people may even be the business contacts you’ve been looking for.

Twitter for Business – you may want to start a project or even hire in the future by using Twitter. You can network and communicate with thousands of people normally out of your immediate reach.
Twitter for Business, let’s dive in deeper and see how to use four tools to help spread the word about your business:
Twitter for Business- tool 1:  TwitterFeed allows you to broadcast text messages up to 140 characters in length. Tweets automatically go out to subscribers receiving messages via email via mobile phone or RSS feeds.

If your website utilizes a RSS feed, it’s easy to feed your blog posts into Twitter through TwitterFeed…free service, which automatically inserts tweets into your Twitter stream using any RSS feed to let your Twitter followers know when new content is available.

TwitterFeed is basically auto-tweeting…automatically ports every post to Twitter integrates with numerous social networking sites like Facebook.

Twitter for business – TwitterFeed Facebook application automatically publishes your RSS feed entries into FaceBook.

You’re quickly able to differentiate between FaceBook traffic and Twitter traffic,ultimately seeing which place is delivering more traffic to your site.
This information menas you’e able to track and measure contacts you have made in Twitter and which ones are spreading the word about your business. So, how do you keep your contacts organized?
Twitter for Business – tool 2:  TweetDec is one of those Twitter tools, which allows you to connect with your contacts across Twitter, FaceBook, etc.

It’s an application you can use to tweet with individuals, while also staying organized. Its a handy tool because it uses a column format where you can see every process happening all at once.

This is extremely helpful is you want to perform a number of searches and be notified when someone is searching for you. For example, use search queries to help find exactly what you’re looking for.

Search queries locate tweets about someone tweeting about you or your business and other topics in general. For example a search query looks like:
Companyname OR “your name” – from:twitterid. MobiProfitsGuy or “John Mignano” -from:mobiprofitsguy
You can easily input search queries to TweetDeck as it creates a column so you quickly keep ontop of alerts and see what’s going on in real-time…
Twitter for Business – tool 3:  HootSuite helps you to stay organized by simply using Twitter application…makes good use of time in your business.

One of HootSuite’s great features is the ability to schedule and drip tweets so if you don’t have time during your busy day to tweet as often as you would like, HootSuite is a great option for you.

You simply create your tweet messages and calendar when you want the software to send the tweets out. Remember your tweets must fit within  140 characters…

Twitter for Business – tool 4:  Short URL Software because if it is too long, you may want to consider shortening it by using short URL software.
If you’re sending out tweets with hyperlinks you’ll see a problem right away. URLs use a lot of characters, which eat up 140 characters length.

To fix this problem use short URL software to compact your hyperlink use budurl because it shortens URL, plus tracks the performance of your link in real time. Meaning, it tracks how many times a user clicks on the link.

This is great information to help you know whether or not what you’re marketing or offering is resonating with people. For example, you can customize your domain name (which budurl allows) to “MobiProfitsGuy.”

If you click on latest tweet…budurl immediately posts a snippet of the tip with the domain name “MobiProfitsGut” in Twitter.
Now, you’ve got four Twitter for business tools, which helps your small business communicate better with followers and customers. Tweet now!

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Twitter for Business