Truth in Advertising?

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The Truth In Ad Sales and How Your Money Is Spent!

John Mignano

Sales and lead generation…are both very important to your business, right?

Where do the fancy advertising slogans come in?

Are we talking about the usual sales campaigns from advertising agencies or other advertising techniques?

Watch this short movie below about how to be creative in advertising:

An advertising agency or ad agency is a service business dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising…

What sort of outrageous fees are you paying on results for market research or other forms of promotion?

Can market research measure and track consumer behavior?

Recent calls for aligning market research to a performance-linked model may not be easy to implement, say advertising industry experts…

The practice is common on the creative and media sides of the advertising industry.

Yet, market research, an crucial component of the business, has been largely kept out of this, due to the inability of advertisers to gauge what is effective.

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