Online Videos

What’s The Significance Of  Online Videos For Your Company or Business Right Now?

John Mignano

Internet video or web video is a huge phenomenon that’s taking the online and offline world by storm…why?

Because what do you think your customers will pay attention or notice more, a print ad or a video ad?

Want to combine the power of video and SEO to promote your products or services?

Want high ranking search engines helping you with marketing campaigns?

It’s cost-effective and exciting to use even if you’re on a shoestring budget!

OK, it is safe to say most people have heard of  and are most likely using YouTube to promote their products or services…

What we do for you is design a short online video (30 seconds or more) for your local company or business…

Yes, cutting edge direct response marketing tools with web video services, video production and video marketing at your service.

We will distribute your videos to all the major online video-sharing websites.

This drastically increases the exposure for your local business.

What if you’re about to launch a huge sale in the coming days or weeks?

Great! We can create ongoing promotional videos and distribute on a scheduled basis for you.

Yes, real direct response online videos…and done-for-you video marketing.

We will provide you with a detailed monthly report analyzing all the results of our promotional efforts for you.

This report includes:

* How many people have visited your specially-designed website
* How many people are on your mailing-list/reading your targeted e-mails (provided you want this included)?
* How many people have viewed your videos?

Do you get a detailed monthly advertising report from the yellow pages?

How about the newspaper or other print mediums?

How about from your current website?

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