Lead Generation That Works?

The Power of Internet Advertising and Why It Works?

John Mignano

Why advertise online to find local customers for your products and/or services?

Because it’s the most cost efficient advertising available for targeting local consumers.

Internet advertising works cost effectively because more and more people are searching online…

Yes, these ready to buy leads are actually looking for specific local businesses to meet their needs.

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Unlike radio, television and print advertising…

Traditional advertising is a broad or blanket approach, so only a small percentage of people are actually interested in a particular promotion…

Internet search engines and directories serve results to match a customer’s exact request at the exact time they need it.

It is a fact that consumers now use the Internet as their primary way to find local businesses:

* 60% of consumers and small business owners turn to the Internet first for information about local companies*
* 82% of consumers who search online follow up with offline action*
* Only 44% of small businesses have a website, and 50% of those spend less than 10% of their marketing budget online*

This is where saleslead-generation.com comes in. This solution is designed not only to give you premium placement where prospects are looking for your business…

Also making sure only interested leads click through to your website so that these leads convert to customers.

Why  does this work? We use specially designed lead sites. Our total solution ensures you get optimal ROI for your business.

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