Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

 Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Customer lifetime value calculator – this crucial sales lead generation tool which determines lifetime value of a customer, first step in deciding how much you’re willing to invest on customer acquisition

customer lifetime value calculator

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Attention business owners: Customer lifetime value calculator will help you estimate how much your average customer is worth to your business. 

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator – Want to get one, two, three or ten new customers per week? Have you heard about Hometown Deals Community Program?

How to generate high quality leads and more buying customers to your business…Customer lifetime value calculator just enter three answers and click calculate button. 

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Want to Improve Customer Lifetime Value? Customer lifetime value calculator – you want to be raising customer lifetime value right?

In fact, we’ve built an entire integrated, proven and reliable sales lead generation system to do just that…

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator allows you to understand aquistion costs so you can get your customer’s attention without breaking the bank using the simplicity of hometown deals community program.

This is a turn-key sales lead generation and increadibly powerful automated customer relationship management system, fully trackable with accurate monitoring built into the dashboard for your lead generation.

Customer lifetime value calculator is a simple tool and part of very intuitive local community program designed to manage, track and monitor all leads entered into the system.

You can use vouchers and coupon like a search engine, which gives you the ability to get same functionality as top-tier coupon shopping sites with no upfront costs to you.

More importantly all without the horror stories and lethal mistakes business owners are making using Groupon, Living Social and other Daily Deal clone sites right now, which is literally forcing businesses out of business.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator – Do you know the lifetime value of your customers and why customer retention is crital to business?

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator: Are you about to or have you run a Groupon, Living Social or Daily Deals campaign?

See, the reason is so obvious yet so many business owner’s campaigns are running into big problems. Initially when they’re starting its exciting early on because they’re seeing increased foot traffic…

In reality, these business owners didn’t crunch their customer lifetime value numbers. Unfortunately many small business owners do not calculate their overheads and other related costs, (realising they’ve lost money instead of making money).

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator – you want to be smarter and save time and monet by using cost effective marketing because these days we all must do more with less.

As you already know in this economy we’re all expected to get more paying customers, turn more buyers into repeat customers. This includes riding the wave of rising costs.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator – Are you in a much stronger position for increasing customer spending even while budgets are being slashed?

The good news is you can quickly utilise sales lead generation hometown deals community program to fine tune and turbocharge your business results by seeing why the customer lifetime value calculator is key to sales.

Why wouldn’t you not take advantage of a totally automated system for increasing customer retenion by adding value and cost-effectiveness while spending less on marketing:

  • Improve average order values by 20-50%
  • Decrease marketing costs eliminating wasteful advertising
  • Save time and money without the need to manually add cross-sells
  • Keep customers coming back, engaged, loyal and active
  • Convert more first-time shoppers to long-time customers…

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We can show you nine simple ways to start maximizing your current customers because you’ve immense opportunities you don’t realise.

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Did you run a Groupon, Living Social or Daily Deals campaign? Did it bring you the massive amount of leads and profits you hoped?

Remember it all comes back to knowing your customer lifetime value and that’s being provided to you by using customer lifestime value calculator…

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Discover powerful strategies to recover some of the profits you’ve lost to customers which never spend one cent more on Groupon, Living Social or Daily Deals voucher.

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Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

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