Opt-In List Building Profits On-Demand

The Almost Too Good To Be True List Building Profits On Demand…Secrets!

John Mignano

John Mignano

Want to become a list profit master and get all the skills, knowledge, information and tools to make yourself more money, over and over again?

First, what are the three keys to opt-in list profits?

Knowing how to get plenty of subscribers who want what you offer:

1. Knowing how to manage and mail to your list effectively

2. Knowing how to monetize your list of subscribers.

What is a list?

A list is simply traffic that sticks…

What is a subscriber?

Someone who expects you to help him get what he wants or solve problems she/he suffers from and gives you permission to communicate with her/him.

If you stop being interesting, or fail to deliver what you promised, you can easily lose subscribers.

In a minute, I’ll show you a simple way to almost guarantee your subscriber will want to read every message you send.

Why build a list anyway?

Because a list is captive traffic and you can direct it to opportunities for you to profit. In other words you control your traffic.

For example, your sales funnel and or affiliate link.

Key point: you need to have all three keys to make money with email marketing.

What are the five reasons why people struggle to build a profitable list?

How to easily overcome the list building problems:

1) People don’t ever get started and never build a list…


Because they are afraid of rejection from subscribers.

They often underestimate the value they have to offer to their subscribers

(It’s called the ‘I’m a nobody syndrome’)…

2) They don’t know how to get subscribers who would be interested in what they have to offer

3) They don’t have anything unique to offer to attract subscribers

4) They can’t get subscribers to opt in and then confirm

5) They don’t get any sales when mailing promotions

Before you can get subscribers, you have to answer nine key questions:

1) Who’s you target market?

2) Why are they your target market?

3) What do they want?

4) Where can you reach them?






Key Lesson: Before you can get what you want (subscribers opt in and or more sales) you have to give people what they want.

For example, solutions to their problems.

What are the four proven methods for getting targeted subscribers?

There are both free and paid methods you can get started even if you have no money:

1) Publishing simple articles or ‘tip lists’ where your target subscribers are looking for information.

You can get you credibility and subscribers quickly.

And you don’t even have to write the articles yourself.

2) You can get laser targeted subscribers fast using Pay Per Click search engines such as Google Adwords.

3) Very few people know you can build a targeted list of buyers using the massive traffic power of eBay.

This next method is probably my favorite…

4) Everyone talks about how profitable Joint Ventures are but few know how to really build a list effectively through partners…

And fewer still know how to actually put one together.

Six secrets for managing and mailing your list for maximum profits:

1) You’ve got to know how to use an autoresponder to generate automated profits.

2) And, you’ve got to get them to opt in and confirm right away.

3) What is Opt In?

4) You must know how to manage your lists so they get what they want and open your emails

5) The secret to getting your email delivered and avoid problems with Spam is to follow Best Practices.

6) One Mistake you should not make is to try to trick the spam filters by misspelling words or using characters like hyphens to disguise words like FREE.

This is called ‘hash busting’ and it can actually raise your chances of getting your email filtered and make you look like a spammer.

Five Secrets to getting your email opened right away:

1) It’s crucial to build a list of fans, not just subscribers

2) Then you can command loyalty and massive response to your product recommendations

3) First you must build trust and then deliver real value for your subscribers

4) It’s a lot easier to get your email opened using curiosity in your subject line because they like you and watch for your emails

5) You want to hook them with a chain of curiosity that leads them to the close or the offer

Here are five ways to compel your subscribers to read your email and take action NOW:

For a working example of these tactics, go to 1BusinessCoaching.com/

1) Have a clear reason why they should open your email

2) Stir up desire for what you are offering with benefits your subscriber cares about or wants

3) You can immediately engage your reader by telling stories

4) You can get your subscribers to take action by presenting a credible reason why there is scarcity

And take away the benefits they desire unless they act now

5) Build up anticipation for your next email so they’re expecting it

Here are just four ways to make money from the ‘captive traffic’ that you can direct:

1) Web pages with content on them including Adsense link (Google pays you every time someone clicks on the link).

2) You can also do product reviews and make money without directly trying to sell anything if you don’t want to (using affiliate marketing model)

3) Of course, you can sell your own products direct

4) Once you have a responsive list, you will be able to put together Joint Ventures for higher ticket items with more profit.

Basically that’s just a few ways to use opt-in list building profits on-demand.