Business Ideas – 5 Quick Tips How to Get Customers

Business Ideas

Business ideas – what do your customers value? Coupons give your business more opportunities to make money, we all know it right? In fact lots of businesses know how to get customers in the right way…

Business ideas – how to make your coupons interesting, entertaining, fun and exciting by attracting a new customers to your business isn’t always easy.

The big problem as business owners is we’re always wanting to grow our customer base cost effectively without branking the bank right? business market research is the answer, click to watch and learn…

Great, so far so good we’re on the same page…so pinpointing exactly what makes one coupon more interesting, entertaining, fun and exciting than the next one can be tricky right?

Business ideas requires a balance of focus on both quality of your offer as well as your ability to promote. All steps of the process are very important to get customers.

Our focus today is on the first step of the equation and quality of your coupon offer. In this video you’ll discover 5 ways to business market research, get new customers and higher returns on investment (ROI).

Business ideas, you don’t expect customers to buy right way. If you see the hair curling reviews of hundreds of business owners which are disappointed by Groupon and Living Social or other daily deals…you’ll know what I mean.

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business ideas

Business ideas - Do you have coupons to offer your website vistors?

Attention: It’s critical to understand your customer’s mindset before using coupons. They definitely won’t come back if you don’t have these strategies in place to retain them.

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Business ideas – enjoy the 5 quick tips to get new customers:

Business ideas transformed into stories – Create a hook or theme for each of your coupons. Incorporate a story which your audience can connect to or relate to instead of just stating facts.

How you choose to present information to your audience can make a huge difference. A well-written story is powerful for attracting more customers.
Business ideas which speak to one person only – Use your coupon to stand out while communicating directly to one single person. Focus on the word you to personalise instead of using he, she, they, them…etc.

This influences the customer perception that you are speaking directly to them and not to just anyone out there. Plus, if it’s your first impression with a prospect, it’s a great way to start forming relationships.

Business ideas which provide original information – deliver your story and information in a fresh and original way. Your originality is what will set you apart from other businesses.

Remember quality always matters and this is why you want to use original coupons as part of the sales funnel equation, (register and you’ll see why)…

You need to make sure your coupons are quick and easy to use or download with a fully integrated automated system (eg., sound technology using proper tracking and monitoring of all leads generated in real-time, it’s crucial)…

Business ideas which draw inspiration – use experiences in your everyday life for writing inspiration. Step into your customer’s shoes and bring your own  personal experiences and stories into your coupons.

Use these business ideas which come to you right when they pop in your head, write them down so you’ll have them ready to use. 

Business ideas for being creative – Tell a new story with every coupon you offer. Break the mold and get creative. The more you use your creativity into your coupons, the more likely you’ll start to gain a wider audience.

Business ideas are all about promoting, so keep taking advantage of these quick tips to attract new customers while creating your next set of quality and original coupons.

Have you used any of these techniques to get new customers? Feel free to leave a comment to share your experiences and your thoughts, thanks!

Business ideas

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