How To Build An Ultra-Responsive List?

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ATTENTION: What’s the key to building an ultra-responsive list while enjoying consistent income every month?

John Mignano

John Mignano

Did you know relationship marketing an follow up with subscribers after they’re added to a list is crucial and that’s why 89% of businesses are doomed to fail?

The main reason why they fail is because many businesses assume they can make a single sale from a list of buyers and sail off into the sunset.

Well they could. All you need to do is spend a ton of time and effort, a heap of money on marketing, promoting or pushing your products out there.

In reality, eventually only a very few will actually commit to purchasing.

Okay, I’ve been around for a while and I know the costly mistakes that most business owners make and would rather help than sit here looking pretty.

Why Is Follow-Up Necessary?

In the world of advertising wisdom, it is said that the average person:

  • Ignores an advertisement for the first 2 times
  • Gradually notices it by the 3rd time
  • Gets curious on the 5th-6th exposure
  • Starts to get interested and eventually try the product out on the 6th or 7th exposure
  • Finally, and beyond…

 How many times have you thought of a product you keep seeing advertised on TV, newspaper or even on a billboard when a problem suddenly arises?

Before this, you never really cared much for it but all of a sudden you want or need it, like right now.

What if more than 60% of the prospects purchase between the 4th to 7th follow-up email?

People’s wants and needs change every now and then so the product you promote may have little or no appeal today.

What if that person suddenly faces a new problem or had a new desire and you remind him or her again about your product?

You’ve just made your sale!

Use It or Lose It To Your Competitor!

This is the true power of follow-up email marketing.

Therefore it makes sense if you load in a series of follow-up emails into your autoresponder and automate to be sent to your prospects on a certain interval upon subscription to your list.

Truth is, the real problem with most businesses does not lie with not knowing anything about list building.

The real problem is that most business owners don’t know how to effectively build relationships or manage multiple lists…

You see, if you were to do list building from scratch, you would be looking at a mountain to climb, because amongst the many steps you’ll need to set-up:

  • A well planned and effectively written landing page or squeeze page
  • Good selling and value added products
  • Great content to offer your subscribers as an incentive to opt-in
  •  The double opt-in system already in place
  • Quality follow up emails to build relationships
  • Follow up emails to  make sales
  • That’s for just one single list alone…

You must be thinking how great it is to have an autopilot list building system?

The truth is list building is easy but requires a lot of work just for one list alone…

Businesses that reap huge profits normally own multiple targeted lists!

Why Is There A Need For Relationship Marketing and Multiple Lists?

The answer is obvious.

You want your subscribers to be segmented according to their specific needs.

That means you’re able to promote your offer to the most targeted group of subscribers.

That ensures you promote what your subscribers want which inevitably skyrockets your conversions rates and sales!

So you already know how to set up your list building and how to let it run by itself, right?

You alsounderstand why you need to build relationship with your prospects leading all the way up to closing the sale itself, right?

You see, most people do not make a purchase straight away…up until the point they begin to trust you…and they won’t buy before they do so!

You face hundreds of competitors online, so it makes sense to capture emails, build a relationship and to promote your own products later.

What If It’s All About Writing Follow-Up Emails?

No it isn’t…see after you’ve built your list and generated subscribers, the biggest challenge lies in following up on a continuous and consistent basis.

Sadly, one of the biggest frustrations most business owners face today is finding enough time and content to write follow up emails.

As the weeks go by and you’re fast running out of ideas…as desperation sets in you would be wise to have hired a competent copywriter.

Or outsourced the email content.

So the two most common options you can take should you attempt to create your own content for follow up emails are:

1) Hire a copywriter.

In the short term it’s cost effective and this may be the easiest option but it will cost you dearly over the long term.

You see good copywriters charge good money.

A single email alone from a novice copywriter could set you back by $30, and if you send 20 emails for a list, that would be $600.

Multiply that by more than 10 lists and it will burn a big hole in your pocket.

Of course, over the long term you’re making greater sales, right?

Here’s the deal…

I know you are a savvy business owner and you want to invest your productive time expanding your business not worrying about little details.

So the smarter choice would be a done-for-you solution, get someone else to create:

  • Landing pages (squeeze pages)
  • Follow up newsletters
  • Information products

Basically hand you everything on a silver platter, right?