Sales Lead Generation

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“Why Is Sales Lead Generation and Acquiring New Customers

Your Business’s Most Expensive and Difficult Process?

Sales lead generation – why is sales lead generation crucial to your company?

More sales leads vs. more targeted sales leads…its your choice. The reason sales lead generation is difficult has nothing to do with you, your business or your marketing.

It has to do with the growth of the Internet in combination to changes in demographics including supply and demand of product and service…everything else you can imagine.

Sales lead generation…people today are more often than not highly skeptical of any product claims, service or offer…both offline and online.

Consider the last time you heard an offer which you thought sounded valuable. You more than likely discovered the offer had limitations, certain restrictions, mandatory conditions or a buyer beware non-guaranteed transaction…

Sales lead generation is simple if you understand prospects buy with their eyes… not their ears. They also need to know, like and trust you before buying what you’re offering.

Online consumers need to know and trust the person that’s recommending what you sell in context to social media. Online consumers are becoming savvy shoppers, they want to see a business with a stellar reputation and high consumer confidence rating.

How many businesses do you know have to take on additional staff just to handle the influx of new customers their sales lead generation funnel generates for them?

Are you serious about business success? Is now the time to finally get professional sales lead generation help which makes a dramatic difference in your revenue and profit?

Please keep reading every word on this page…

We’ll show you first hand exactly how to generate more targeted leads, attract more new clients, more sales and effectively increase your cashflow more than ever before…

This is why has specifically designed a customised marketing system to fit your business needs:

  • Do you want the most powerful lead generation and revenue-generating program?
  • Want the ultimate lead generation tool for your small to medium sized business?

Sales lead generation – why would you want sales leads from a reliable, proven and trusted Internet sales lead generation company? 

Sales lead generation if you want results-driven return on marketing investment (ROMI) with massive differences in boosting sales and profits you need to focus on improving these key areas:  

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Nurturing (Follow-up)
  • Sales Conversions
  • Repeat Sales
  • Referral Sales

Sales lead generation together with inbound marketing helps to simplify your activities improving sales revenues. It’s a combination of all activities, which produces astonishing results rather than one activity by itself.

sales lead generation

Sales Lead Generation – John Mignano lead generation expert…

Sales lead generation – firstly, let’s take a closer look at the reality of sales lead generation via marketing online…why it’s critical to connect marketing and sales pipeline to content creation?

Your business website competes for your audience’s most precious commodity…time.

Do you ask what your target market wants so you get crucial data, which is relevant and meaningful.  Don’t waste time with a sales pitch…

Sales lead generation and why all leads are not created equal? Why are most leads not really leads?  On average 5% to 10% of leads are sales ready to buy opportunities.

In reality, most sales people only call 15% to 20% of new leads anyway and the biggest problem is talking to leads which are not ready to buy, right?

Sales lead generation this truly presents a great opportunity for companies wanting to be positioned as leaders and keep their audiences coming back.

Relevant content is a catalyst for action because high quality content can dramatically improve results. Why?  Relevant content builds credibility, generates positive word of mouth and creates a buzz for future marketing.

Sales lead generation is in essence cash flow marketing. Take a look at how to accelerate your online sales lead generation with a step-by-step campaign with strategies for generate more sales leads online today!

Sales lead generation – are you up to speed with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, database programming? Can you use specialised tools like Dreamweaver or FrontPage?

How robust are your overall marketing systems, how strong is your video marketing, communications, copywriting, photography or graphic design?

Sales lead generation – are you planning on getting more leads and local consumers, boosting sales, increasing profits and discovering how to cost effectively make more money faster?

sales lead generation

Sales Lead Generation – Razor Sharp Marketing System for generating more sales leads online, puts you in control of your lead generation and sales

Sales lead generation…forget about it unless you’re already a professional web designer and don’t even consider doing it all yourself. Why? Because fantasizing you can do it all yourself is the biggest mistake you can make.

Sales lead generation is a process all about creating a successful business website, which is a highly skilled job only for direct response professionals. Would you let anyone without experience design your ads?

Sales lead generation, what about local foot traffic…how to dress your store window, systemically serve customers, buy goods from vendors or negotiate contracts?

Why trust your lead generation website to a novice? Novices might include your friends, neighbors, children or siblings, unless they have proven and realiable results with experience creating business sites for clients.

Sales Lead Generation means you need to treat anyone you know like any professional. You need legal agreements in place so completion time and project expectations are clear.

Sales Lead Generation must use a binding agreement, which saves you time, money, pain, aggravation and disappointment. Time is money, right?

Sales lead generation – a non-professional which does websites on the side (often takes three or four times as long as a pro) it ends up costing you more in marketing dollars and lost sales as well as lower revenue.

Sales lead generation, why you want to be confident about the design of your website because this is without any question a sales lead, sales pipeline and strategic marketing decision.

How will your site measure up if it’s obviously under performing? What if the links don’t work, yet your competitor’s websites are optimized, look professional and run smoothly?

What if your competition’s sites are equivalent, this is not as much of a factor, yet you’re wasting an obvious opportunity to get a razor sharp edge.

Sales Lead Generation – introducing a proven system for generating more sales leads online, puts you in control of your lead generation and sales.

Let’s face it…you offer a great product or service. Your customers and clients enjoy doing business with you, and the vast majority are happy with the quality of your products or services…most stay as repeat customers.

This sales lead generation razor sharp marketing system and sales lead generation coaching program  allows you to:

* Get a leg up on your competition, so your customers can’t help but find you in organic search engine listings in Google, MSN and Yahoo!

* Zero in on your target market . . . and magnetically attract ready-to-buy customers to your offers, and get new customers into your sales funnel.

* Slash your advertising budgets as you see more targeted traffic online

* Drive your sales numbers through the roof. . . so you can finally enjoy all of the freedom you’ve desired for so long.

Now if only you had an effective, systematised process for filling your sales pipeline with qualified leads, your online channel would really take off.

That’s because sales lead generation is very often the key constraint that dictates how effectively you drive revenue.

Sales Lead Generation – If you can identify with this situation, you can continue reading right to the end of this page and here’s why:

Sales Lead Generation – we’ve developed a  Razor Sharp Marketing System which takes the guesswork out of lead generation, turning your website into an optimized cost effective online lead generation machine.

Sales lead generation – the objective of our online lead generation service is to optimise your lead generation funnel that runs on your website.

The result is a lead generation sales pipeline or marketing funnel, which is integrated with online marketing channels and back end sales process.

This razor sharp marketing and lead generation system is perfect for even complex sales scenarios because it:

  • Allows you to target more ready to buy local consumers, leads or prospects efficiently at lower costs
  • Educates prospects about how and why you’re different from all your competitors
  • Builds trust with potential clients so they feel comfortable engaging with you to discuss what you offer
  • Nurtures leads, local buyers and prospects at different stages of the decision-making cycle with targeted messages (communication)
  • Is scalable for managing 5 leads up to 50,000 clients as easy as 500
  • Generates more sales for less less advertsing costs…

Sales Lead Generation – how exactly does it work? We use a proven step-by-step process, which allows you to systematise and automate online lead generation across your organisation.

Each engagement covers the 7 critical steps in the lead generation process:

  • Understand you, your desired outcome and your market
  • Analyse your current online lead generation strategy and conversion process.
  • Measure KPIs to establish a baseline for improvement
  • Engineer your lead generation process to convert fresh leads into committed buyers
  • Create and optimise landing pages with other opt-in steps as part of your online marketing and conversion process
  • Integrate online and offline data base and lead management processes
  • Expand reach and impact with effective traffic generation strategies

Clients typically get better results with 3+ month business coaching…the  sales lead generation boosts website conversion rates and generates 50 to 300% more leads at much lower costs.

Sales lead generation with more sales leads and reduced cost-per-lead are only part of the bigger picture:

The other benefit is a compressed average sales cycle that shrinks the average time from first contact to sales and treats prospects more appropriately depending on where they’re in the decision-making process.

What would it mean to the effectiveness and productivity of your team if you could spend less time and resources on lead generation?

To be able to spend less time and effort converting new prospects into clients and more time in your most productive and enjoyable tasks?

To explore how we can kick your lead generation into high gear, why not contact us for an exploratory chat? Is this lead generation system a good fit for you?

Sales lead generation – if one of the primary goals of your online channel is to generate qualified sales leads – especially if your product or service is complex or technical – then we can offer an effective solution.

We specifically developed sales lead generation systems to ensure your business or company gets real results within the shortest possible time.

In fewer than 12 weeks, you can see real results in your lead generation efficiency and effectiveness – regardless of the product or service you sell, the state of the economy or what your competition are doing.

Need a powerful success blueprint which works for you? If you have questions reach out to our support staff via email or call 61 (03) 5966 2531

Are you ready to connect now on 61 (03) 5966 2531 to discuss how to get results faster at the highest level possible for your sales lead generation.

Sales Lead Generation

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